Monthly Weather Update

This May was a bit cooler than previous May’s we have experienced in the past. The day time temperatures averaged at just under 30C and we did have a 34C. To see the latest figures go to:

This last weekend with a comfortable 33C we had our first meal at our new campsite on The Plot. Unfortunately it came a bit overcast.


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At night at Moriti and fun on the Pans

This last weekend a friend of ours, Pierre, celebrated his 50th Birthday at Moriti Wa Selemo which is situated in a forest bordering the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans.

To get to the pans we went through the cute little village of Mosu, which is right on the edge of the pans and massive palms can be seen all over, giving a tropical beach feel to it.


We first had to stop to collect some freshly cooked magwinya, which is very similar to the traditional Afrikaans vetkoek. A bread dough formed into a ball and fried. We were told that the best one’s were made in a little hut, next to a tuck shop. They were very good.

It was then onto the pans, which were drying out, but moist in places. Water could be seen in the distance. We drove out onto the pans, put up a gazebo and that was camp.

Our friends had brought quad bikes which Sue and I borrowed so we could try and find flamingoes, but with no luck. It was however fun just riding the bikes across the pans.

There was also a piece of conveyer belt that was attached to the back of a car and we had fun being towed around on that.

From the pans we headed up to Mmakgama Ruins, which has a stunning view over the salt pans. Plenty of water could be seen.

A nice evening braai at Moriti Wa Selemo rounded off a great day.





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Weather Update

I have updated our weather page – well up until the end of April, for those interested:

Starting to get chilly here – we had a morning better suited to Eskimo’s -a cold 7 C.

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March: What a month

The driest and coldest March ever, Sue breaks ribs and punctures her lung, we escape a flooded Botswana to the sea and another rescued animal.

Climate update:

After the excellent rains we experienced from Christmas last year through to the end of February, we have had basically nothing this month. It is by far the lowest rainfall figures I have recorded for March (since 2014).

Figures also show that it has been the coldest March we have experienced since we have been here with respect to the average maximum and average minimum temperatures.

We did however get good rain last night, 30mm here at our home in Letlhakane. It came with hail as well.

To see our latest figures see Letlhakane Weather and The Plot Rainfall

Sue breaks ribs:

A relaxed Sunday morning turned into a nightmare when Sue slipped on our tiled floor and went crashing into a metal chair.

Such a simple accident caused 3 broken ribs and 1 pierced her lung. Basically what happens when you pierce a lung is that when you breath in, air escapes into your chest cavity. This air has no escape route and puts pressure on your lung from the outside and causes it to collapse – which could lead to loss of life.

After a painful procedure to get a pipe through her side into her chest cavity to get the air out, she had a very worrying and painful 5 days in hospital.

She recovered well and even though she is still in pain, she is doing well.

Holiday to the sea

With a flooded Botswana we decided to go to the sea. Some Island hopping in Mozambique was wonderful and offered Sue more recovery time.

Another rescued animal

The final event happened at the end of the month when I was up at The Plot doing some work. All of a sudden our dogs went crazy and one emerged with a hedgehog in his mouth. Shouting at him encouraged him to drop it.

The hedgehog is also recovering well.

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Botswana Rocks

Last night at 19h40 we were shaking as Botswana was hit by a 6.5 magnitude earthquake. It was seriously scary and the main tremors went on for about 5 minutes.

Sue ran outside – the best place to be. Hearing our plates and glasses shaking, I was holding our kitchen cupboards closed so everything didn’t go crashing to the ground.

We could still feel vibrations up to half an hour after the incident.

The epicenter was 140km from us in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve

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And then came the rain

For over 2 months we have hardly seen the sun – the rain has just been amazing.

The rainfall figures (in mm) are just incredible, especially since our average annual rainfall is 250mm:

Nov Dec Jan Feb Total
Letlhakane 43 73.5 134 181.5 436
The Plot 59.5 168.5 174 353.5 760.5

The whole of Botswana has had excellent rains and Gaborone Dam is overflowing – the first time in 16 years.


For some it hasn’t been that pleasant:

All this in a country where 85% of the land is part of the Kalahari Desert.

I have updated our weather page and The Plot’s rainfall


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Going to Moremi soon – don’t

I found this report on the 4×4 forum:

“A quick update for all planning to go into the Moremi: The road from South Gate to North Gate is closed after a self drive got stuck for 1 1/2 days without anybody passing.

South Gate to 3 rd Bridge closed as impassable, 3rd Bridge campsite closed, Bodumatau loop closed, North Gate to Xakanaxa impossible, Black Pools a nightmare.

The only road still open is the straight one from South Gate to Xakanaxa but described as “very, very difficult with vehicles still stuck on it.

DWNP expects to have the park closed for the next 2 weeks.

And the weather forecast is rain”

So CKGR, Moremi and the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans are no go zones. The rain is wonderful, but bad for tourism – thank goodness this is the low season.

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