It was not a difficult decision for us to leave Johannesburg, we had nothing that was really keeping us there. We found ourselves in a rut, we weren’t enjoying our work environments, the crime was stressing us out and the countries politics was becoming a joke.

Our move to Botswana was the best thing we have done, this blog tells of the many adventures we have had and our life in this wonderful country


Leopard on the Chobe River



11 Responses to About

  1. Anne & Brian says:

    Hi you two. Whoever said it was going to be easy eh!!
    Africa at it’s best.
    Will be more in touch once the family has departed – bit frazzled at the moment

  2. Woolly Muses says:

    We were on safari in Botswana last September and loved every minute.

  3. Shingie says:

    nice stories, good courage great pictures…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi read your comments we retired and feel the same. Also want to leave Durban and perhaps settle in Botswana. Would like to know more about what our options are.
    Kind regards
    Colleen McKechnie

    • PeteMorrie says:

      Hi Colleen

      I am not sure what the feelings are on retired people living in Bots. All I know it is very tough to get residency here, let alone citizenship.

      Bots policy is based on what can you do for the country.

      Hope this helps

      • Anonymous says:

        Tks Pete. We are planning a trip to Botswana this November. Is the Embassy in Gaberone? . Or who do you suggest we go and see just to get an idea.

      • PeteMorrie says:

        I think it would be best to go to immigration. I am not sure where it is in Gabs, but if you don’t have to go to Gabs I wouldn’t – the normal route into Bots for a tourist from SA is generally Martin’s drift. From there you can drive to Serowe. There is a big Immigration there that you could go to.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Tks very much for the useful info. Will be in touch and let you know what transpires.
    Thanks for your help.
    Keep well.

  6. /willem /burger says:

    Planning to visit Botswana shortly.Apparently CKGR fully booked for May 2017?
    My main object is to visit Kubu Island .Very special place for me and my late wife.

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