Festive Season in Letlhakane

Two Trees

My daughter Cailin comes to visit so we camp at The Plot

Orapa Game Park

Our Chickens Arrive

OOPS for someone



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Happy Christmas

Faith makes all things possible, hope makes all things work out well, love makes all things beautiful. May you have all three this Christmas

Merry Christmas from Pete, Sue and our furry family

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November Weather

After excellent October rains, November’s rain was dismal and the lowest we have experienced by a long way, since I have been recording the weather here.

It was also the coolest November we have had.

December has started well with 29mm of rain falling yesterday, hopefully we are in for a good rainy month.

See our updated page: https://ourbots.wordpress.com/letlhakane-weather/

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One for me, one for you

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Dressing the community

With some people leaving Letlhakane and returning back to South Africa I urged them to leave clothes they didn’t want with me so that I could give them to our community at The Plot.

They did and we were very pleased to replace old torn clothing of some people with some still good items.

However, every day we pass a home, where there are 4 kids that are dressed in total rags. Their father now had nice clothing now, so Sue and I went off to a clothing store here in Letlhakane and bought them each a top and shorts.

There was also a thought going through our minds that instead of spending the money on clothes, food was actually much more vital to these people. So back to the shops we went and got some basic food supplies for them as well. We also threw in a few toys for the kids.

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Weather update

October this year was the coolest October we have had since I started recording temperatures here.

On top of this we had 38.5 mm of rain, which is way over our average 4.5 mm for October.

To see all the details got to: https://ourbots.wordpress.com/letlhakane-weather/

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In search of water

When we heard that Lake Xau was full we just had to go and see it for ourselves.

Lake Xau is filled, not every year, by the Boteti river, which is an overflow from the Okavango Delta. Rain waters, from the Angolan highlands take months to reach the Okavango and it is only at this time of the year does the water reach the Boteti River. See my post So Where does the Boteti River go

It was amazing how many vegetation types we went through, some showing signs of new spring growth and others still looking dead.

Leaving the tar road at Mokobaxana we headed through an area where you couldn’t believe anything could survive, but then, when we got closer to Lake Xau we went through a zone where spring had arrived in full force.

There is nothing more beautiful than the  Mopane tree’s new leaves, with colours of various shades of oranges and reds, almost making the bush look as if it was on fire. Wild flowers were also blossoming, it was just so beautiful.

I was excited about seeing the water. We rounded the last corner and there was Lake Xau – DRY – totally dry. We couldn’t believe it – we were told it was full – there was no water at all.

We travelled round the the dry lake and headed on the road, through endless grasslands, to the small village of Xhumo.

It is at this village where we joined up with the main tar road from Maun to Orapa. It is also very close to where the road crosses the Boteti River.

The river was reasonably full at this point, so the water was on its way to Lake Xau.

Heading back towards Mopipi we found a track and headed off road to see if we could find water and to our delight we soon found a flowing Boteti River, which was also full at that point.

We took out our chairs and cool box and enjoyed a few lemonades on the water’s edge. Plenty of horses, cows and donkeys were drinking and the birdlife was rich. Sue was even brave enough to swim, I just put my feet in the water.

It was stunning to see the river flowing and next weekend we will venture back into the area to see how it progressing towards Lake Xau.

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