Here we go again – 2 new animals

A day at the beach, Flamingo Bay (really Rosanna salt pan) turned out not be all about flamingos, tanning, swimming and relaxing.

Sue’s comment of “there is a baby all by itself” has already resulted in us looking after two baby tortoises (one being eaten alive by ants and the other on a busy tar road) and a baby horse which was a massive undertaking (read and

DSC_0013So when Sue, driving on the main road between Letlhakane and Orapa, slowed and said “there is kitten lying just on the side of the road” warning bells went off in my head. Approaching it, it was alive (dam), this meant we were about to have a cat. It didn’t even try run off – it was so weak. But this wasn’t going to be the only rescue of the day.

We stopped at the supermarket in Orapa to get a few provisions for the day, the list had just grown longer, kitten food, feeding bowl etc. The kitten climbed into the food and water and promptly did a wee on Tristan. We were in for an interesting day.

DSC_0033A short distance after turning off the main road for the pan I spotted a baby bird that looked like it had a wing or foot problem and I asked Sue to stop (OK this time it was my fault). It was a baby Lark with a deformed leg.

So with our 2 new additions we headed on to the pan, for our relaxing day at the beach. The Lark sat like a parrot on my shoulder. I guess the “lark” was on me.

DSC_0021Both animals needed water and to be fed, but once done they both fell asleep for a brief while. Time to relax and get the braai going.

Birds squawked and a flock of doves took off in fright, all but one got away. It fell prey to a Lanner Falcon, which landed not too far off with its kill. Feathers went everywhere as the raptor ripped into its meal.

Both flamingos (lesser and greater) were still at the pan feeding in the water, which had dropped from knee deep to ankle deep.

DSC_0026We were also very fortunate to see a Chestnut-banded Plover. A bird classed as “near threatened.

Being the only water for miles around, there were a number of cows drinking, they even wandered over to us to see what we were and what we were doing.

After a nice braai, we packed up all our animals and headed back home. See more pics


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7 Responses to Here we go again – 2 new animals

  1. Anonymous says:

    Morrie i see a few antelope, a rhino and at least an abandoned lion cub in your future……..nice one sire

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yip, i see a whole ark in your Future…….”Morrie’s Ark”

  3. Bridgette & Geoffrey Flint says:

    Ahhh cute! – I think you should call the cat Rosanna if is a girl.

  4. Suki says:

    Smiling – rehab centre coming up. Word will soon spread…..

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